How to do tech deck tricks?

This is a comprehensive compilation of practically every fingerboard trick available. One thing to keep in mind is that new tricks are always being added to the list, and theoretically, you may build new tricks by combining two or more of current techniques. You may have an endless amount of tricks; but, they become tricks only when they are performable. We’ve included just a handful combo tricks to save space and avoid listing hundreds of “potential” trick combinations. Save this page and return to this fingerboard trick list to choose the next trick to master. The following is a comprehensive list of fingerboarding tricks:

Aerial Manoeuvres

Ollie: The simplest trick, performed by popping the tail of your board with your rear finger.
Nollie: Similar to an ollie, except with your front finger pop the nose of your board down.
Fakie Ollie: A fakie nollie is just a switch nollie.
Fakie Nollie: A switch ollie.
180 Ollie: Ollie and half-rotate the board.
360 Ollie: Ollie and complete a full revolution of the board.
540 Ollie: Ollie and spin the board 1.5 times.
720 Ollie: Ollie and complete two full revolutions of the board.
900 Ollie: Ollie and spin the board twice.
Ollie and spin the board three complete revolutions 1080 Ollie: Ollie and spin the board three full rotations.
Nollie’s Nollie Spins: After a nollie, do a 180, 360, 540, 720, 900, or 1080 spin.
Ollie North and Ollie South: Ollie and twist your hand forward or backward to perpendicularly position your board.
Ollie Kickflip and Land as a Nose Manual: Ollie kickflip and land as a nose manual.
Nollie North and Nollie South: Nollie and twist your hand forward or backward to perpendicularly position your board.
Nollie kickflip and landing as a nose manual.
Nollie Flip: A backfoot kickflip combined with a nollie.
Wallie: Ollie off the wall after a wallride.
Shove-It: Ollie and scoop the board 180 degrees with your rear finger.
Pop Shove-It: A shove-it with the board rising higher, often over an obstacle.
360 Shove-It: A shove-it with an additional half-turn to complete the 360-degree rotation.
Shove-It Underflip: Ollie and do a 360 pop shove-it, then heelflip to the bottom of the board.
Rewind Shove-It: Ollie and pop shove-it, then tap the tail forward with your rear finger to spin the other direction.
Impossible: Ollie and backflip the board over your fingertips once.
Dustin Impossible: Ollie and use your rear finger to tap the nose of your board to do a front flip.
Double Impossible: Similar to a double backflip, but may need an additional push on the tail with your back finger.
To half impossible, perform a half kickflip and catch the board upside down on the tail with your pointer finger.
Hard Flip: A combination of a half backflip and a heelflip.
Awkward Flip Rewind: Similar to a hard flip, but combining a front flip with a heelflip.
This is a double hard flip, which consists of a complete backflip plus a double heelflip.
A Single Wheel Ollie: Ollie your board by rolling it on one of the rear wheels.
Kickflip: Ollie and use your front finger to grasp the nose of your board, rotating the board toward you in one spin.
Kickflip Double: Similar to a kickflip but with two spins.
Triple Kickflip: Three complete kickflip revolutions, requiring more pressure on the tail pop and front finger catch while maintaining control.
Varial Kickflip: A kickflip combined with a pop shove-it.
Late Flip: This move is similar to a kickflip, except that you complete the kickflip as the board approaches the ground.
Kickflip Underflip: Ollie high and kickflip up, then push the board in the other direction to heelflip down.
Thumb Flip: Perform a kickflip, but instead of touching the nose of the board with your front finger, flip it with your thumb.
Heelflip: Similar to a kickflip, but with the board rotating away from you rather than toward you.
Heelflip Variation: Begin with a shove-it and then flick out for a heelflip.
Perform a varial heelflip (shove-it into a heelflip), but rotate the board one full revolution (360 degrees) rather than half a rotation (180 degrees).
Pivot The Fingerboard: Pivot the fingerboard a half revolution, or 180 degrees, while repositioning your fingers.
360 Flip (Tre Flip): Perform a kickflip and a backflip in unison.
Cabbalerial (Full Cab): While riding fakie, do a 360 degree spin in the air.
Half Cab: While riding fakie, do a 180 in the air.
Ollie high and smack the tail of your board while in the air, allowing the board to roll over your knuckles and then off your fingers for landing.
Superman: Ollie high, leaving your middle finger on the board, and sticking your pointer and ringing finger in the air as you fall.
Flap Jack: As with a knuckler, you strike the tail and let the board to roll into your knuckles. Rather of rolling forward off your fingers, though, turn the board toward your thumb or pinky for a half flip or backflip.


Begin with the basics and work your way up until you’ve mastered them all. Take your time learning each trick, and after you’ve mastered a few of them, you may experiment with adding more rotations and spins, as well as riding switch or fakie.
Make a note of this ultimate fingerboard trick list so you may go to it whenever you’re looking for new tricks to master.