How To Do Skateboard Tricks

In the past, if you’ve looked up “beginner skateboard tricks,” you know how much garbage is out there. When someone says a turn or stop is “beginner trick,” it’s a lot easier to believe them than it is to believe them.

If you don’t want to read any more, here are 10 simple skateboard tricks that you can do without any help at all. Enjoy your time and skate!

1: The Chinese Nollie

“All you have to do is give the board a little push forward to bounce the front wheel off a crack,” says VLSkate. This will make the board rise off the ground. If you know how to hop on the nose of your board, you can pull off this trick. Make sure you don’t hit the nose of the board on the ground, says VLSkate. You’re just lifting the back wheels up, and everything else is just on top.

2. Biebelheimer

Next, we have the biebelheimer. Getting on your board isn’t so much a trick as a fun way to get there. VLSkate says this: “You only need to grab the board with your nose and your fingers on the other side. So, turn the board 180 degrees so the grip tape would hit the ground. The most important thing is to make sure it’s slightly angled when you throw it down, so that it doesn’t hit the ground straight on. That makes the flip over happen.”

Is there a way to do this? Stand still and try to flip the board. This trick also doesn’t work if you scrape the tail on the ground.

3. Shove It.

For the Shove It, “Putting your foot on the nose doesn’t even need to be done. You don’t even need to pop it. All you need to do is move your feet a little bit and hop a little bit. You don’t need anything else.” The gif makes it clear.

4. Boneless

People also say that the boneless isn’t as good at popping their boards, but more about jumping off their feet instead. Putting your feet in a way that allows your front foot to easily come off the side and land on the ground is all it takes. Jump off your back foot with the hand, then jump back on the board.

5. Fakie Frontside 180

No, I can’t. Pop your board! You do the rest of the work with the fakie frontside 180. VL Skate tells you the secrets “There is no need to do anything else. In case you’re having trouble with the regular front-side 180, this one would be a better choice for you.”

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6. Hippie Jump

VLSkate says that the hippie jump is very easy to do because all you need to know how to do is to jump. “In general, the most important thing is that you don’t land on your tail or nose when you jump. Stand above the bolts at all times.”

how to do this one? “Jump around a lot and try to do it a lot. If you’re afraid, start small and work your way up.”

7. Rail Stand

Putting your feet in a way that your front foot will push down the side of the rail stand will make it flip over. A four-step process:

Give it enough pressure until it starts to flip over, then let go of it.

As the board turns, your back foot hangs on the back wheel, and you step over and on top of it.

In the end, you move your front foot back, so that now you’re able to stand on your rail.

A little push forward, and you’re back on top of the board.

The best way to learn is to do it. The best way to learn this trick is to do it while holding on to something, VLSkate says. It only takes a few times to get the hang of it, though.

8. Fakie Casper Flop

To do this trick, you first stand on the tail of your board with your back foot on the tail, and then you flip the board over by putting your back foot on the tail again. “Putting on skates is easier than it looks, says VLSkate. “All you need to do is stand still a few times and practice.” Turn the board over by pressing down and to the side, then flip it back over with both your feet. Then put them together and you’ve got it.” He says, “It’s kind of silly, but I like it.”

9. 180 Can’t be done.

It doesn’t work for the 180. “You want your front foot to be in a place where it can easily step off the board, and your back foot should be slightly on the tail so that you can get some spin out of it. You just have to press down and scoop the tail.”

How can I do the best job? It’s possible to practice both standing still and scooping with your back foot at the same time. Then, you can put them together and make sure you jump back on the board.

10. Using your nose to pick up the scent

If you can pick up your board the normal way and even the fancy way where you kick it up with your foot, this is the opposite of that, says VLSkate. It can be done a lot faster if you’re going fast. “It also looks good. When you’re rolling, you put your front foot on the nose of the board. You then pop your toes straight down and reach down to grab the board.”

Is there a way to do this? “Popping the nose down is the only thing you need to do to improve. That will make the board fly up. You just want to make sure you aren’t putting your weight down on the nose of the board.”

VLSkate thinks these tricks are bad “I think that it’s important to stay motivated because you feel like you’re getting better. Progress is progress, and even simple tricks can help you become a better skater.”

Let us know which trick you like best. My favorite kind of jump is the Hippie Jump, but Greg likes the Boneless one.

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