How to Customize Your Skateboard

Tips For Creating Unique Skateboards
Nothing like pulling up to the park and getting compliments on your skateboard. “Cool Skateboard!” they say. “I’ve never seen that graphic!” makes one feel pretty unique. It’s much better when you can say “Thanks, I made it!”
You may create your own personalized skateboard in various ways. You may order a bespoke skateboard with a personalized graphic for a particular reason. You’ll get a tidy, professional outcome. Customizing your skateboard is easy. Let’s examine several creative outlets.

Skateboards Can Be Customized

ABSOLUTELY!!! Your skateboard should reflect your individuality and style, so feel free to modify it as you like. Every aspect of your skateboard may be modified to your liking. However, the cost of customizing a skateboard varies substantially.

You may modify your skateboard by:
Create your own original graphic on a skateboard!!! You may design your own skateboard, paint it, silk screen it, or simply doodle on it using markers. Customize your skateboard with these choices.
• Custom Griptape: You may quickly design your grip tape to appear unique. Color it using paint pens, combine various griptapes, or tear it up to make unique patterns. Griptape modification is almost unlimited.
• Design a Skateboard from Scratch: This will address practical rather than graphic design. Custom skateboards may be built to fit any style. Preferably with griptape and hardware. Put it all together and you have an entirely unique skateboard.

Let’s go further into these customizing possibilities.
Customized Skateboards
Custom skateboard printing doesn’t have to be pricey or need a minimum run of 50. “Custom Skateboard Complete” from This option enables you to customize your skateboard’s bottom graphic and components for only $109.95 USD.
The CCS brand components are included, but you may improve the trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and griptape for a little more. For a completely personalized and professional skateboard, is by far the greatest value. They will even assemble it for you for free!

The UI is very user-friendly. You input text, pick color and font, then position it. You may also add photos from your PC to the deck. It’s a fun little design tool. Suddenly, hours have passed.
I inserted 3 text boxes with various fonts and colors where I needed them. I added an old photo of my pets in the center. It’s a simple example, but it highlights the simplicity of deck design.
Sizes vary from 7.75′′ to 8.5′′. The typical popsicle form is crafted from Canadian Hard Rock Maple. will provide a high-quality comprehensive.

Deck Painting

Paint your skateboard to make it unique. There are many ways to color your skateboard. You just need sandpaper, paint, and imagination.
• Remove the trucks and hardware. Working around these obstacles will be difficult, and you don’t want paint on any moving components.
• Sand the board to help the paint cling. This will remove any factory varnish or sealant. The image doesn’t have to be completely erased, just sanded. Just be careful not to sand through any layers of plywood. Before continuing, wipe the surface free of any sawdust or dirt.
Starting with a white primer gives you a clean and even canvas for your new design. It also prepares the skateboard for painting. Two applications of priming should enough.
• Clean the surface before painting. Here’s where you get creative. Paint your skateboard using acrylic or spray paint. You may utilize a variety of methods to reach your goal. You may use masking tape, stencils, or just paint freehand. Bring forth your inner Pablo Picasso or keep things basic. Your option… You create.


Many individuals like cutting griptape into unique shapes. Some prefer to go fancy and build cobblestone or brick designs. Others will put triangles or diamonds on. For fun designs, combine colors of griptape or add transparent griptape.

There’s no end to the patterns you can carve into griptape (provided it still gives you grip on your board). Griptape is easy to cut. It is recommended to cut griptape from the underside (paper side).
Place it on a fragile surface like plywood or a cutting mat. Use a new utility knife blade. Peel off the paper and attach the cut grip tape in place. Don’t cut. They can’t take the punishment and will soon dim.

What Do I Need?

Because I was constructing a fresh setup, I chose components I’d been wanting to check out. The Skateboard Configurator helped me choose the components for my Cruiser. The components I utilized in this configuration are as follows:

Dead Guys Stinger 9.125 x 32.5 Skull Skates It’s a big, stable deck. The graphics on Skull Skates Decks have always appealed to me, and I wanted an old school shape, so I decided to give it a shot.
To fit a deck of that size, I required a truck that was broad. I like how Indy carves so I chose with the Hollow Forged to lighten it up.
ATF Rough Rider 59mm Wheels – I generally like little wheels, but not on a cruiser. The smallest I could think of was 59mm. In tough terrain, the Bones ATF is claimed to be smooth and gentle. I figured this was the best arrangement.
My previous choice of bearing was Bones Big Ball Reds. They are the default bearing. I wanted to try Big Ball Reds since they are touted to be similar to Bones Swiss.
Although I skate with loose trucks and suffer from severe wheel bite, I never use risers. Despite acquiring Independent Trucks, I knew I’d need risers (which are higher than most brands). Because I was receiving Indy Trucks, I went with Indy Risers.
I like Allen Bolts, but they didn’t have them in this length. Any brand would have worked, but Shorty’s was reasonably priced and well-reviewed.
It’s just a plain old black Mob grip tape. I buy Mob. It outperforms others I’ve tried. I know how it acts and enters. Its my favorite grip.
• Rails: Pig Rails (Pink) – I’ve never liked rails, but I needed them to board slide curbs with this arrangement. But they only had pink and I’m not picky.

However, I now have a new setup that I adore for riding rough streets and slamming into curbs. It’s great for carving bowls. (I may ride bowls more now.)

Create Your Own Skateboard!

That’s it! Customizing a skateboard is a straightforward and enjoyable procedure. It is fantastic to make something truly unique. There are several ways to make your dream skateboard a reality.