How to clean skateboard trucks?

A skateboard isn’t a vehicle that can go on every surface. We glide through some oddities. It’s all in good humor. You may bash down crusty slopes in downtown and ride your favorite dirty skatepark. Finally, you’ll notice your wheels need a thorough cleaning. They didn’t pick up their dog. Because skateboards are susceptible to water and are exposed to street filth and grime, cleaning your wheels is more difficult than you think.
Our wheels have seen it all. Anything the city streets and dusty skatepark can provide. It keeps us on our boards. So we should adore them. They are near permeable surfaces. In the absence of a dishwasher, we intend to wash our wheels using soap. We’ll need to focus on the details and work hard.
We don’t want to do things that get our wheels filthy, as skaters know. Begin with a bucket of water or a sink. Second, be prepared to get wet if you do it right. In six easy steps, any skater can clean their wheels. We’ve covered the basics and even how to maintain your wheels.
Let’s party!

To begin, you’ll need:

• A squeaky (table, floor, or counter)
a sink or a bucket
Soap and a cloth to clean the area (optional)
There should also be a compartment for the wheels (optional)
• Paper towels (always a good idea)

When You Clean Your Wheels

Cleaning your wheels makes a lot of sense. Some things are unclear. You’ll often start riding your board and then find something is wrong. Gum or soft, greasy wheels that can’t grip the skatepark cement may cause your bike to wobble and crash. Why does it matter? Your trip will be rough if they aren’t cleaned. You like the new wheels. Skateboarders have used these tried-and-true methods to maintain their wheels clean before taking them to a shop.
Dirt and wax may be removed by dragging skateboard wheels diagonally and crisscrossing across brick.
Skating gets your wheels heated, which helps them shed grit. Make sure the slope isn’t too steep. Observe!
Keep clean clothes: A puddle. Sandbox Jump off your board to save your wheels.
• Check for any flat patches. If so, you’ll nearly always require new wheels to prevent a jarring ride.
• Wheels! Like automobiles, your board might benefit from a redesign.
You’re ready to learn how to clean your skateboard wheels now that you’ve got the tools.

Step 1: Ensure Workplace Safety
Cleaning anything makes you filthy. This is particularly true for skateboards, which are mostly used on filthy cement. Make sure your workstation is organized. Most people imagine a level area with plenty of space to maneuver. Disconnect the wheels and bearings. You’ll need a safe location to store them. It also has a sink or a bucket of water, as listed above. Overall, you and the rest of the globe will be soaked. Use a towel to keep the area clean, or work outdoors or over the sink. Remember that we don’t want your board’s wooden deck or bearings wet. It all boils down to preparation.

Step 2.1: Remove the Wheels and Bearings.
This is the technical component of cleaning your wheels. Prepare your skateboard and equipment for wheel removal, then start removing them one by one. Remove all axle bolts. After removing a wheel’s bolt, insert your truck’s axle at a 45-degree angle into the bearing’s mouth. This will build a crowbar-like tool for removing the bearings. Each wheel has two bearings. Keep them protected. You should also clean your bearings now (highly recommended). To clean your four wheels, remove each wheel and bearing. Keep your bearings dry at all times.

Step 2.2: Clean your bearings  
It’s okay if you don’t like the 2B’s stealthy move. We let you clean your bearings here since you’ll need to remove them to clean your wheels. Putting your bearings in a cup of isopropyl alcohol while cleaning your wheels is a smart idea. A tiny adjustment may have a tremendous impact on how the wheels perform. This will help you move quicker and smoother. Check out our fast and simple how-to instruction on how to clean skateboard bearings! Both work.

Step 3: Soak Your Wheels.
A bucket or a sink would be useful for housework. You may be able to run them without one. Be prepared for a mess. Using Dawn dishwashing soap in a bucket or blocked sink might assist you clean your wheels and remove the bearings. This way, you can work faster. Remove the bearings from the wheels so the soap can start breaking away the muck. Despite our expectations, there was a lot of mud and debris in the wheel track. The dirtiest stuff is inside the wheels. After a bath, dry them with a cloth or paper towel. Inside, we’re ready to tackle the wheel track and sides. It’s critical that your skateboard wheels soak up enough water to readily scrape off the dirt. Then comes the most critical phase.

Step 4 :Brush the Gunk Off.
A wire brush isn’t easy to get by. Wire brushes are widely available at hardware and bargain shops. We’ve also linked to an wire brush. If you want to go all out, try an old toothbrush or grip tape. This vital step is as simple as it seems. After rinsing your wheels with hot water, use the brush to scrape out any debris. Let your wheels soak for a bit to get rid of the grime. You may need to keep applying Dawn dish soap to particular locations, but once your wheels are clean, you must wash away any soapy residue. Only soap won’t leave chemicals or make your wheels sticky.

Step 5: Dry your skateboard’s wheels.
It’s critical to let your wheels dry after cleaning them. Wheels are porous, so when wet, they not only take up more dirt, but also make your ride less smooth. Also, make sure your wheels are absolutely dry before putting in your bearings and connecting them to the board (step 6). Your bearings will corrode, and water will make your deck slippery. This is why we created this How-To tutorial. Why did we do it? Unskilled skaters might ruin their boards by trying to clean their wheels. Make sure your wheels are completely dry before letting them sit in the sun. Use a cloth or paper towels. Putting on the wheels prematurely makes them heavier and slower.

Step 6: Reassemble your wheels and board.
Congratulations! Your skateboard wheels are almost clean. And we’re still there. Reassembling your board allows you to alter your wheels’ direction. Front wheels of skaters who choose fakie or switch stance may slant or curve. They skate a lot. If your wheels are really old and worn, you may have to leave them that way to maintain them straight. But rotating wheels may extend their life and improve performance. See our bearings instructions if you’re ready to reinstall your clean bearings. Reassemble your board as before.  Once your skateboard is set up, inspect the wheels. You deserve a break after all your efforts. Make a day of it and go to your favorite skatepark or downhill run!