How to clean roller skates ?

After all the fun you have with your skates, they’ll get dirty. As it turns out, cleaning skates isn’t that hard. If you skate roller skates or ice skates, you shouldn’t have any trouble giving your skates a new look. This is true for both. All you need to get the job done is a few simple cleaning supplies and tools that are easy to find. Even if you don’t skate very often, you should still clean your skates on a regular basis. This way, your skates stay in the best shape possible.

  1. Wash removable liners in a washing machine and air dry them. Take out any removable liners from inside your roller skates or inline skates and put them in your washing machine. This will help them get clean. A gentle laundry detergent should be added to the warm water cycle in your washing machine. You can set the temperature to up to 30°C (86°F). To do this: Run the cycle, then hang up the liners to dry in the sun.
  • Make sure you don’t use any detergents or fabric softeners that could damage your liners.
  • Take care to keep your liner out of the way of heat sources while it dries.
  1. If your skates get wet, use a clean cloth to dry them off. Take your skates off after you’ve used them and put them on some newspaper to help them dry if they get wet from your sweat or from riding in wet weather. The outside of your skates must be completely dried off to be safe.
  • One way to get dirt and dust out of your skates’ crevices is to use a clean, dry brush.
  1. Use a wrench or hex key to remove the wheels from your skates. A nut or bolt with a hex slot in the head might hold your wheels to the axle. You can see this by looking at the hubs. Use a wrench to get nuts off, and a hex key to get bolts with hex slots in their heads off. Wheels off:
  • Roller skates usually use nuts to keep the wheels on the axles. Inline skates, like rollerblades, usually use bolts with hex slots in their heads to keep the wheels on the axles. To remove roller skate wheels, you need a wrench. To remove inline skate wheels, you need a hex key.
  • An Allen wrench or Allen key is also called a “hex key.”
  • Use a skate tool that has different wrench sockets and heads to remove skate wheels, as well.
  • You should clean your wheels and bearings every 1-3 months, or after 10 uses or so, to make sure they’re in good shape.
  1. Take the bearings out of the wheels using a bearing remover. Push the tip of the bearing remover tool into the middle of a wheel while you press the button on the back of the tool. This will remove the bearing from the wheel. Let go of the button, then pull the tool back out to get the bearing out of the way. For each wheel, do this. [4]
  • Keep the bearings out when you clean roller skates or inline skates so you don’t get them wet when you wash the wheels. This way, you won’t get them dirty.
  • A bearing remover can be bought at a skate shop or on the web.
  1. Soak the wheels in a container full of soapy water. All of the wheels should be submerged in a container of water and 2-3 drops of liquid dish detergent should be added to the water to clean them. Do this a few times to get the water to get the wheels clean. Wait until the dirt on their wheels starts to come off. Then, rinse them with clean water.
  • You can spray some window cleaner on the wheels and wipe them clean with a paper towel instead of having to soak them. This can also be done with the skates’ wheels.
  1. Wipe the wheels down with a damp paper towel and dry them off. Use paper towels to wipe down each wheel one at a time after they’ve been in the water. Using more dry paper towels, wipe off all the moisture from each wheel. Make sure all your wheels are clean and dry before you put your skates back together.
  • The old toothbrush can be used to scrub off any dirt that didn’t come off during the soaking process.
  1. Use Bearing Wash to clean and grease the bearings. Put the bearings in a small container with a lid. Cover them with bearing wash and put the lid on. It is time to wash the bearings. Put on the lid and shake the container very hard. Keep your clothes clean and dry your clothes with a clean, lint-free cloth. Each bearing should be lubricated with 1 drop of bearing oil.
  • You can buy both bearing wash and bearing lube at a skate shop or buy them on the internet.
  1. Put the bearings in the wheels, then put the wheels back on your skates and skate. When you get your bearing tool, you can put the bearings back in each wheel again. When you’re done, tighten the nuts or bolts back into place with your wrench or hex key.
  • It’s easy to change the wheels on your skates. They can go back to where they were. Put them on in a different order than they were before. This will help keep the wheels from getting worn down.
  • With your fingers, give each wheel a spin. Make sure they can move freely. As a last resort, you can just loosen the nut or bolt on that wheel by about 1/4 turn. This will give that wheel more freedom.