How to Clean a Skateboard Truck and Deck

Skateboard trucks and deck are particular parts that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the parts will help keep these things working for a long time. Because this is about how to clean skateboard trucks and decks, you have to read it if you own a longboard as well. It’s almost the same way to clean those. A washed skateboard is necessary as it is going to encourage you to go for rides. There are many ways to clean. Let’s see how to clean both of them?


I.How To Clean Skateboard Trucks

tools needed:

  • A screwdriver with
  • Slip-joint pliers are tools that can be used to cut things.
  • WD-40 is a good thing.


STEP 1: As the skateboard truck is joined to the skateboard deck, you will have to detach this first. When you have the screwdriver and slip-joint pliers in your hands, start to loosen the nuts with them.

Unscrew every nut moderately so that you can do the rest by hand. Remove all of the nuts from the bolts and throw them away.

A lot of people are going to throw nuts away in a place that will be hard to find in the long run. So, keep nuts in a safe place that you know well. In the future, it will be easy to remember.

STEP 2: At this point, you should be done with removing nuts and choosing a decent shelter for them. Now is the time to separate the deck and the truck.

Use your hands to get the truck off. You should not pull too hard. Also, make sure that you looked at the kingpin outward.

STEP 3: This is a step that does not apply to all skateboard trucks. If you have a pair of trucks that come with risers, you also need to take them off now. Every skateboard truck doesn’t have a riser in it.

STEP 4: Time to clean. All but the baseplate must be taken off of trucks to get them apart and clean them. Remove the nut from the kingpin first, then you can remove the rest of it. Finally, remove the hanger from the base plate. Finally, remove all of the bushings.

STEP 5: Take a look at these parts. Find a crack. The first thing you need to do if one of these parts is broken or split is to buy a new one.

As long as everything is in good shape, spray a little WD-40 on a paper towel and wipe away any dirt and grime. High-pitched noises are made by your trucks because they have a lot of grime on them.

STEP 6: You have to clean those axles again. As a rule, the axle is the dirtiest of all of the parts of the car.

Take a second paper towel. Remove the last of the dirt from the axles. Bearings make the axle get all of this dust, so it gets it from there. Hence, make sure they are back to top-notch condition.

STEP 7: Do the same thing with the second truck. You will be ready to start reassembling after that. Keep in mind that you need to tighten Nuts and bolts to the correct amount.

It’s not good to over-tighten or to be too loose when you tighten things up. That’s not all: The kingpin must face outward after the meeting as well.

Pro Tip: When you go for your first ride after you wash your board, be careful when you speed up the board. A lot of the time is spent cleaning the car, which makes it go faster and faster.

II.How To Clean Skateboard Deck

Clean Skateboard Deck with Soft Brush Wire

tools needed:

Step 1: Buying a Soft Wire Brush

If you buy a soft wire brush at a store near you, make sure its bristles are strong and not sharp enough to cut the grip tape. Check to make sure that it is also small, because it can help you clean the grip tape on your skateboard with great precision. Don’t buy a lot of big ones, because they will only damage the grip tape on your skateboard deck.

Step 2: Brushing the Grip Tape

With the soft wire brush you just bought, start brushing your grip tape with it right away. Also, it would be best if you started at the end of the deck and worked your way around to the other side. So, you can get the dirt on the surface of your deck, and you can sweep it up with your hands. Remember not to push too hard with the soft wire brush in your deck, because it will only tear it. You should also not remove the grit from your board.

Step 3: Using Grip Gum to get rid of the extra dirt.

You can get some grip gum at your local skate shops because it’s made for skateboards only. You can use this cleaning product to get rid of any extra dirt on your deck after you use a soft wire brush to clean it. With a pencil eraser, rub it on the grip tape and then wipe it away. A perfectly done job will make your board look brand new.

Step 4: Drying it with Dry Cloth

After you finish removing the dirt in your deck with your cleaning solution and brush, start drying it with a dry cloth. If you have some microfiber cloth, it can do much better. First, place the cloth on your deck and start patting it to absorb the moisture. Fold the cloth and press it again through the deck up until its dry enough. Also, make sure that the wooden area at the bottom is dry too. Never use paper towels as it tends to break when you use it, and wit will only cause another mess.