How to choose longboard trucks ?

This is a sport that gets people excited. Longboarding is a sport that has fans and players from all over the world. Longboard surfers find it exhilarating and freeing to be out on the water.

You should choose your longboard gear just like you choose your sports equipment. You should think about what kind of longboard surfing you want to do when you choose your gear. Cruising, Freeride, freestyle, and downhill are some of the options you can choose from. As a surfer, you should choose your equipment based on your level of experience.

There are a lot of parts that make up a longboard, and each part has a specific job that affects how it feels to ride. During this post, we’re going to talk about longboard trucks.


What Should I Know About Longboard Trucks ?

There are metal T-shaped parts on the underside of the longboard deck that are fixed there and are connected to the wheels. This is what longboard trucks are all about: Every longboard comes with a pair of trucks, which help the board roll. The trucks on longboards and skateboards do the same thing, but the trucks on longboards are different from the trucks on skateboards because longboards are longer. People who skateboard have trucks that are a little wider than those for longboards because of the difference in the size of the deck. Longboard trucks can’t be used with skateboard trucks because longboard trucks are made for different types of boards. There are two ways to measure the length of trucks: hanger width and axle width.

There are a lot of different types of longboard trucks on the market, and it can be hard to choose one. That is why we are here. We can help you make your choice much easier. First, two big decisions need to be made.


  • Width of the trucks
  • Standard Kingpin (SKP) or Reverse Kingpin (RKP)

Let’s go into more detail about these two characteristics.

Truck Width

As a general rule, the width of your truck should be as close to the width of your deck as possible. In this case, it could be about 1/8″ away. If both the width of the deck and the truck are the same, you will be able to get the best out of your longboard. Because this way, your board’s leverage points will be in the right place with the truck and the wheels. if there is a little difference, it is better for the trucks to be on the wider side than the deck. This is why.

Companies make different trucks for longboards, and they use different units and scales to measure the width of the trucks they make. This can make it hard to find the right truck width for your longboard. If, for example, inches are used to measure, the length of the axle is usually taken into account. A millimetre may also be used to measure the width of the truck. Most likely, this refers to the width of the hanger, though. For example, most longboard decks are 9-10″ wide, so axles with a 9-10″ width and 150-180 mm hangers are the standard sizes for longboard trucks, as are the axles.

If you look at how wide each truck is, a wide axle or hanger makes it more stable but less responsive. A narrower truck is less stable but more responsive.

Kingpin: Is it standard or reverse?

The choice between the standard kingpin and the reverse kingpin depends on what kind of ride you want to go on.

It’s thought that Standard Kingpin or SKP trucks are the best for street riding because the kingpin is fixed behind the hanger, which makes it face toward the inside of the board. This setting doesn’t let the truck get in the way of grinding or doing other tricks. They are smaller in width than RKP, or reverse kingpin, which is what they are also called. Still, there are many companies that make SKP trucks that are wider than the ones that come with most longboards. These trucks work well with many of them.

RKP trucks are mostly used on longboards. They are more responsive at slow speeds and more stable at high speeds, which makes it easy to control them and keep them in line. For any kind of ride you want to go on, these cars have the right features for you. Mounted higher than the SKP, the RKP are facing the nose and tail of the board, which is why they are called RKP. There is a little less space between the RKP’s wheels because of this. Park longboarding and grinding are not your thing, so if you want to enjoy your Freeride, freestyle, and downhill surfing experience in a more stable and responsive way, then RKP is the board for you.

There are other important parts of a truck that are just as important and play a role in making the ride fun.



The baseplate connects the truck to the deck of the longboard. This is the part of the longboard that is made of wood. There is a big difference in how the trucks turn because the angle of the baseplate is so high. This Among RKP trucks, the baseplate is bent in half. This angle is thought to be best for carving, freestyle, and slow Freeride because it is very responsive to changes in speed. This type of baseplate is best for people who are just starting out. If you want to go fast in Freeride and downhill surf, you should get baseplates that are less than 50 degrees. It helps the rider to lean hard without over steering, which makes the ride more stable and controlled at high speeds.



These urethane grommets help the hanger stay in place and give the truck some momentum as it turns. There are two pairs of bushings on each side of the hanger, top and bottom, so there are two pairs on each side. Bushings are made to cushion the parts of trucks that are close together. There is more of a difference between hard and soft bushings. A stiffer truck makes the rider lean more to turn. To make the trucks more responsive, the bushings come in a soft variety.

Bushing Seat?

It is a pocket in the middle of the hanger that makes it hard for trucks to turn. There are a lot of different types of bushing seats. Bushing seats that are wide open and don’t have a lot of restrictions will give your hanger more room to move around, which helps you carve in a lively and free way. To make it more stable when going at high speeds, the one has less space to hang things from.


There is a T-shaped aluminum alloy beam that connects the truck’s wheels to the main body, which is made of steel.

Things to remember

They are not the same thing, so never use them together.

In general, a wider hanger gives you more stability and control over your ride. Narrower hangers help riders be more agile and manoeuvrable when they turn and do tricks.