how to buy a skateboard for a child

When purchasing a skateboard for a youngster, avoid purchasing a cheap toy skateboard, since they are dangerous. Allow your local skate shop to construct one for you, or purchase a whole skateboard online. A child skateboard should be between 7 and 8 inches broad and 27 to 31 inches long.

If you are unfamiliar with skateboards, avoid attempting to construct one yourself. Complete setups are great for children, since they prevent you from purchasing mismatched components.

The trucks should have the same width as the deck, and the wheels should fit snugly against the trucks while providing enough room to prevent the wheels from colliding with the skateboard when steering. Ensure that the skateboard you purchase allows for component replacement.


Complete Skateboard or Self-Assembled?

You may construct a skateboard yourself by purchasing the cheapest pieces from various sources, or you can purchase a full configuration to save time. Additionally, if you just choose the components and expect them to fit together, you may be disappointed. The trucks must have the same width as the skateboard deck, and the wheels must be compatible with the trucks.

If the wheels are too large, they will make contact with the deck, causing your youngster to topple over. Additionally, there is the issue of wheel hardness. For flat, smooth surfaces such as concrete skate parks, harder wheels are preferable; for street, asphalt, softer wheels are preferable.

With so many alternatives available, it’s simple to get disoriented and purchase the incorrect pieces. If you’re unfamiliar with skateboarding, you’re likely to just look at your child’s preferred color and attempt to match an appealing deck. While this is totally acceptable, it is critical to ensure that the components fit together properly.

Similarly to when you are shopping for new PC components, everything must be compatible. A desktop hard disk is not compatible with a laptop.

I’ve chosen a few skateboards that are ideal for children and are reasonably priced, depending on your budget. They are pre-assembled and include all necessary components. It’ll save you a lot of time and ensure that you don’t purchase the incorrect items.

Unless you’re interested in delving into the many components and what works best together, just get a pre-assembled comprehensive system. Additionally, it will spare you the bother of attaching the grip tape to the deck, which is challenging the first time. There should be no air bubbles or peeling grip tape around the edges.


Avoid Purchasing One from a Toy Store for the Safety of Your Child

I’ve previously written a piece on why you should avoid purchasing a skateboard from Walmart or Target. They are constructed of low-quality materials and are prone to break. Amazon also sells inexpensive (Chinese) and hazardous skateboards; for the protection of your children, please avoid the following Chinese ‘brands’:

While it may seem enticing due to its low price, you are not doing anybody a favor. A high-quality skateboard outlasts a poor board by more than eight times. Cheap skateboards are dangerous, and your child may suffer an injury if a wheel or truck breaks.

If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between a toy skateboard and a real one, consider the following:

  • They are always packaged as a full configuration in plastic.
  • The deck is often somewhat thicker than that of a traditional skateboard.
  • They are often extremely large.
  • The wheels hardly rotate and cease to do so after 1 or 2 seconds.

Most importantly, avoid bogus websites that mention a multitude of boards but do not utilize genuine images. They just want you to click over to Amazon so they may earn a commission. If they do not have genuine photographs, it is a fraud.


Recommended Skateboards

Santa Cruz

One possibility is a smaller skateboard, like my son’s. I chose the Santa Cruz Kids Skateboard. This is a decent skateboard. Santa Cruz is a premium skateboard company with a long history. We used it for 2 years and pushed it to its limits.

The OJ wheels are great for street skating, since they are soft and can take tiny pebbles and twigs. The soft wheels further minimize noise and vibration. I strongly suggest this board, however be aware that the visuals may vary.

Enjoi Skateboard

Enjoi has a large selection of skateboards with attractive designs for youngsters. What more do you want from a board with a cat on it? “Aw, a kitty on a pizza!” my kid said upon seeing the image. Enjoi is a respected company that makes pro skateboards.


It helps your youngsters steer and adjust posture without losing balance. The smooth wheels help manage the board on difficult surfaces.

Enjoi is a nice and safe pick with cute panda‘s, cats, and dogs.


Element is another famous company that caters to youngsters. The softer bushings (plastic cones between the trucks) assist your youngster steer and make the board more responsive. Unlike many other kits, this one works straight out of the box.

The 95A/53mm wheels give a smooth ride without the noise that many cheaper skateboards create. This is a lot safer than those cheap plastic boards for your kids.

Magneto Mini Cruiser

The Magento Mini Cruiser is an excellent pick for youngsters, despite the low-quality bearings. Mini cruisers are made for riding, not for acrobatics. They have huge soft wheels that drive across tough terrain.

It’s too tiny for grownups, and you’ll need a skate tool to tighten the trucks. It took my child a few minutes to get acclimated to this board. A good value for money kid’s cruiser.

Team Positiv

A quality skateboard may be had for a cheap price. The Positive Team skateboard is one of the most recommended.

I believe it’s one of the best value beginner skateboards, but I think it’s a little broad for kids under 8 years old. My son and I tried this board and found it to be a good value for money.

Smooth riding, stable, can take a beating and rolls smoothly. The wheels are significantly tougher and do not instantly block when riding over cracks or stones.

SkateXS Skateboard

What do you need? Name on a skateboard? SkateXS has bespoke boards for both boys and girls. Their boards are made of bamboo, which is stronger and more eco-friendly. Not the cheapest, but one of the few that sells personalized skateboards for youngsters.

I appreciate that these skateboards are made for little kids. This implies soft wheels, a great deck, good bearings, and decent trucks. But most crucially, they can tolerate crusty asphalt, cracks and stones.


Arbor Pocket Rocket

The Arbor Pocket Rocket is a safe, sturdy, and enjoyable option. The very soft and huge wheels on this enjoyable mini cruiser let it to tackle practically any terrain.

My youngster loves this board, but I had a fantastic time riding it too, despite its little size. Here’s my child riding it:

It costs more than the other boards, but it has high-quality components that won’t break.

Avoid Mini Decks

In toy shops, little decks are the tiniest skateboards offered. They’re adorable but will end up gathering dust. They are unstable and potentially harmful. A buddy gave me one when my kid was born. We never utilized the excellent present.

But it’s a wonderful shot to demonstrate how unbalanced it is. I’m on the mini-deck, which I secured to a piece of grass to keep it from sliding. I even changed the wheels and bearings, but it didn’t help. But it’s a fun prop.

The Components of a Skateboard

To have a better understanding of what a skateboard is, take a look at the picture and the list below. All components are replaceable once they begin to fail.

  • A seven-ply maple hardwood deck. Compressed into a mold.
  • Grip tape to keep you from sliding off the deck
  • The T-shaped trucks on which the wheels are mounted. The truck is comprised of a baseplate that secures the truck to the deck, bushings that enable turning, and a truck hanger that keeps everything together.
  • Obviously, the wheels.
  • Bearings that enable the wheels to rotate.
  • Spacers to guard against damage to the bearings.
  • Bolts for securing the trucks
  • Optional riser pads to raise the wheels above the surface or just for dampening.

 Skateboarding Is a Great Form of Exercise and a Lot of Fun

Skateboarding is a beneficial kind of exercise. Children get to engage in some physical exercise, which is important as they get older. It helps them build muscle and enhances their motor abilities. Nowadays, children watch much too much television and engage in far too many video games. It’s nice to do some enjoyable exercise and spend time outside. It requires a great deal of balance, is rather technical, and is an excellent way to meet new people.

You may be concerned about their safety, which is natural, but it is really pretty safe. Simply ensure they are wearing at least a helmet and keep a tight eye on them. You may try visiting a skate park after they’ve developed a bit more. Simply avoid taking over the park and adhere to skateboarder etiquette; show respect for the skaters and they will show you respect.

Arrive early in the morning when it is less busy to ensure that your child does not feel frightened. Invite some of the ladies and boys present to assist your child; many like offering advice and hints! Even if you’re not very into skateboarding, it’s enjoyable to see your child have a wonderful time.


Protective Gear for Kids

While I understand you’re seeking for a skateboard, I’m concerned that parents often neglect to get safety gear. At my neighborhood skate park, there are hundreds of scooter children, and 95% of them are without wearing any form of safety. I just can not see why their parents will not get a helmet and knee protectors for them.

It’s not costly; you don’t need heavy-duty safety gear, but be sure it fits properly and won’t slip off. Here is a link to my suggested protective gear sets for children, which includes, but is not limited to, a decent helmet. Spare no expense on helmets!

I’ve already given away many pairs of old elbow pads that I mistook for knee pads (they’re tiny enough to provide some knee protection). I’m sure their parents have no clue what they’re doing out there. Some of them are just fearless and do insane leaps without their parents’ knowledge.

This reminds me of me as a child. When I was approximately ten years old and discovered a track nearby, I used to ride a BMX. I just went for it and attempted to gather as much speed as possible in order to make a massive leap. It didn’t end well and I was seriously injured; I just couldn’t see the risk in what I was doing. Following that, I became more circumspect.

Purchase a helmet for your child, and I suggest a set that includes elbow- knee- and wrist protectors. If you want your child to wear the helmet, it should be comfy.



There is nothing further I can say other than to summarize this article. You do not need a child-size skateboard; a standard (8-inch-wide) skateboard will suffice, and avoid purchasing a mini-deck.

Ascertain that your kid is not too young; wait until they reach the age of roughly five. Avoid toy shops and, if feasible, purchase from a local skate shop or online.

Purchase a secondhand skateboard if you like, but keep a careful eye on the board’s condition. Assure that your children are always wearing appropriate safety gear and that you remain with them when they are still very little.

Purchase a whole skateboard to save the effort of sorting through all the components and become an expert in skateboard parts. Shoes should be skateboarding-appropriate and give stability.