How to build a skate box

During a pandemic, you can still skate, as I said last week. Keep your distance from everyone and just be alone. Today, we’ll show you how to make your own skate box.
If you take a look at your toolbox and go to the hardware store, you’ll be ready to build! Make sure you have everything you need and set up your space in a way that is comfortable for you.
Everything is ready. Let’s get to work now, people!

Make the frame.

A strong foundation is just as important for a skate box as it is for a building. The frame must be strong enough to hold up all of your moves without breaking. Align two full-length 2x4s on the ground. Cut another 2×4 into three equal parts. Afterward, Each end of the 2x4s should have two at each end and a third in the middle for support. Everything can be put together.
Add some small 2x4s to support your weight as you slide it. When you’re done with the frame, you’ll want to build the box’s top. When the long 2x4s are laid down and tied together at the ends, a rectangle is made. Add as many small 2x4s between the 2x4s you already have. In the end, we agreed to have a total of 5.

Connect both sides of the frame.

There are two parts of your frame now that you’ve built them. You will need to connect the top and bottom parts together. For the frame to be joined together, you need six 2x4s of different sizes. Screw your 2×4 pieces to the bottom of your box in all four corners and the middle. Top section: Screw it on top of two-by-fours.
It should be strong and stable when the support beams are in place and the construction is done right. I think it should be able to hold your weight. If the box doesn’t move when you jump on it, you can keep going.

Put the plywood on the ground and level it.

As soon as you finish building your skateboard box, it’s time to lay down the ice. Your plywood sheet should be on the ground, and the box’s skeleton should be on top of it, as shown in this picture. After you’ve drawn on the box’s top and front surfaces, cut two pieces of plywood. Then, with a saw, cut the plywood into the shape of the box.
Make sure the plywood covers the whole top of the box, but doesn’t go beyond the frame’s borders. It’s important to remove any extra. As a last thing, make sure that the front is covered as well. You should screw both sides together and make sure it’s stable before you add the Iron angle.

 Place the iron angel

The last, but not the least, step! When you slide or grind on the iron angle of the box, you will do it here. In this case, you need to set the angle so that it’s just above where the plywood pieces of your box come together. A layer of wax is all that is needed to make the box look nice and finish it. Get on the ice!