How to 180 no comply on a skateboard

In terms of where you position your front foot on the board, it doesn’t really matter. Place it in such a way that you can comfortably remove it and place your front foot on the ground without straining your back. Try to keep your front foot right below the front bolts like Aaron does to get things started! Your rear foot should be on the tip of the tail, just a little closer to the heel-side pocket than your front foot.

Practice Steps

Even though the practice stages are simple, they are essential in developing your muscle memory and timing for this technique. Assume you’re about to perform the trick and practice stepping off your board with your front foot as if. To get the hang of it, try it out while standing still. Repeat this until it becomes second nature.

Keeping your front foot off of the board while your rear foot is in the 180-degree no comply position on the tail is the next practice phase. Pop down and push the board with your rear foot in order to execute the 180-degree rotation of the board. Then do it again and again until it becomes instinctive.

As a final step in practice, put everything together, but slowly. Stand on top of your board. Step off the board with your front foot and place it behind your board. With your back foot, pop the board, causing the board to do a 180-degree turn. Using your front foot, take a little step backwards on the board. You should now be facing the other way. I congratulate you on doing a frontside 180 degree turn without complying! Just keep working on speeding up each step and making them flow together effortlessly from here on out. When you’re doing this maneuver, gradually add additional rolling speed so that you can do a 180 No Comply and then roll away.

Common Issues

Occasionally, the board will begin to spin or flip. Keeping the board level with your feet is critical while performing a frontside 180 no comply. Keep your back foot on the board at all times in order to get the best results. Focus on keeping your rear foot attached to the grip tape as the board turns 180 degrees after you’ve popped the trick. Following the board with your back foot can help keep your board flat when landing and re-establishing contact with your front foot.

How to 180 No Comply

  1. Ride at a comfortable speed while positioning your feet in the ideal 180-degree no-compliance position.
  2. Start with your front foot and land it on the ground behind your board as quickly as possible (heel-side).

Pop down with your rear foot, pressing slightly forward to cause the board to turn 180 degrees. 3.

  1. As the board rotates 180 degrees in the air, jump with your planted front foot and land it back on the bolts. 5.
  2. Detach the switch by rolling it away.

Check out our video instructional on the 180 No Comply for a more in-depth look at this product! You’ll witness Aaron Kyro go over all of the intricacies, including some insider secrets and methods to help you get your frontside 180 no comply on lock as quickly as as. It’s time to get out there and SKATE!